Who we are


Miyoko is a wife, mother, and pole fitness studio owner and instructor of Domestic Goddess Studio in Agoura Hills. She is a certified yoga teacher through Yogaworks, an author, educator, and radio host. She’s been a contributing featured writer for LA Yoga Magazine and The Daily Beast.

She has lectured at women’s shows and universities, and continues to share her passion for being upside down through performance art, workshops, and classes.

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Eric is a spacecraft engineer, musician, and partner-acrobat. ┬áHis gaze was always turned toward the sky… at anything that could fly. His fascination brought him to NASA, where he remotely flew a vehicle through the atmosphere of Mars, then to flight school, where he could fly himself around this planet. He later discovered acrobatics, where he gained the ability to fly others, and together they could defy gravity.

Eric considers himself extremely lucky to have the ability to share his passion for flight, acrobatics, and touch, with others.

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